Case Study Extras

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Section II: Historical Cases
Chapter 4: Childbed Fever: A Nineteenth-Century MysteryTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 5: Mystery of the Blue Death: John Snow and CholeraTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 6: Salem’s Secrets: On the Track of the Salem Witch TrialsTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 7: The Bacterial Theory of Ulcers: A Nobel-Prize-Winning DiscoveryTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Section III: Cases in Experimental Design
Chapter 8: Lady Tasting CoffeeTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 9: Memory Loss in MiceTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 10: Mom Always Liked You BestTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 11: PCBs in the Last FrontierTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 12: The Great Parking DebateTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 13: Poison Ivy: A Rash DecisionTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Section IV: Cases Exploring Unusual Claims
Chapter 14: Extrasensory Perception?Teaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 15: A Need for Needles: Does Acupuncture Really Work? Teaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 16: Love Potion #10: Human Pheromones at Work? Teaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 17: The “Mozart Effect” Teaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 18: Prayer Study: Science or Not? Teaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 19: The Case of the Ivory-Billed WoodpeckerTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Section V: Science and Society Cases
Chapter 20: Moon to Mars—To Boldly Go … or NotTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 21: And Now What, Ms. Ranger? The Search for the Intelligent DesignerTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 22: The Case of the Tainted Taco ShellsTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 23: Medicinal Use of MarijuanaTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 24: Amanda’s Absence: Should Vioxx Be Kept Off the Market? Teaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 25: Sex and VaccinationTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Section VI: Cases Involving the Media and Science
Chapter 26: Tragic Choices: Autism, Measles and the MMR VaccineTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 27: Ah-choo! Climate Change and AllergiesTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 28: Rising Temperatures: The Politics of InformationTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 29: Eating PCBs from Lake OntarioTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Section VII: Ethics Cases
Chapter 30: Mother’s Milk Cures Cancer?Teaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 31: Cancer Cure or ConservationTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 32: A Rush to Judgment? Teaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 33: How a Cancer Trial Ended in BetrayalTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 34: Bringing Back Baby Jason: To Clone or Not to CloneTeaching NotesAnswer Key
Chapter 35: Selecting the Perfect Baby: The Ethics of Embryo DesignTeaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 36: Studying Racial Bias: Too Hot to Handle?Teaching NotesNo answer key
Chapter 37: Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis ProjectTeaching NotesNo answer key