Registration Process

Access to answer keys and teaching notes now requires that you register with us, and if approved, pay an annual subscription fee of $25.00 (online credt card only).

Registration requires proof and verification of your teaching status and email at an affiliated educational institution. You will need to prove your status by way of a listing on your school website. In the form below, you will see a spot for you to provide an URL address for a specific web page (not a general school home page) that shows your name, position and email address. Your email address on the registration must match the one on the website.


  1. Fill out the application below and submit.
  2. Immediately following your application submission, you will receive an autoreply email to which you must respond. The email subject line will be “Password Account-Verify Your Email.” If you do not, we will not know that you applied. NOTE: If you do not receive the autoreply email within an hour, it means that your school has blocked our message, and we will not know you applied. Therefore, if you do not receive the autoreply email, please notify us at
  3. You will then receive another email with the subject line “Password Account-Account Under Review.”
  4. We will then review your application. You will either receive an approval email with subject line “Password Account-Your Account Has Been Approved.” or an email asking for further information.
  5. If you receive the approval email, it will contain a link for you to use to pay for your subscription. The annual subscription fee for access to answer keys and teaching notes is $25.00 (online credt card only).
  6. Once we have received payment, you will receive a payment receipt email from UB Foundation Inc with the subject line Merchant Email Receipt. The email will be sent to the email you provided on the online payment form. We cannot send duplicate receipts for the transaction. In addition, you will receive an email from us (NCCSTS) notifying you that your account is active for one year.
For questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at

You are required to give a school website address showing: your name, teaching position and school email address. We VERIFY every application to the website information. Make sure your email address matches the one on the website. You will not be approved without this information.


Contact Information
Account Information
Please choose a username and password (each at least 6 characters).
Information to Verify Your Eligibility
Give an official school webpage URL address showing your name, position and email address.